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First ever mobile
air quality monitoring tool

Pollutrack is the world's densest network of mobile sensors,
for real-time mapping of PM2.5 fine particles at breathing level,
street by street, at your doorstep.


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Smart cities's
Fine particles

Real-time mapping
of pollution hotspots.

Example: Paris PM2.5 past 24 hours

Pollutrack's Pioneers:AntwerpBaselBerlinBernBirminghamBolognaBratislavaBrusselsBudapestCardiffDublinGenevaGhentGlasgowHamburgLeedsLilleLisbonLondonMadridManchesterMarseilleParisPortoPragueRigaRotterdamTallinnVilniusWarsawZurich

The ultimate mobile sensors network
to monitor city’s air quality

For pioneering cities, the ultimate tool to justify, delineate, optimize and monitor Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZs).

We are already established in over 30 capitals and major cities around the world. A unique breakthrough for these large cities, with monitoring and qualification of pollution hot spots and initiating corrective actions.





2 000 000


First ever Hotspot Tracker, a disruptive tool to delineate, monitor and optimize Low Emission Zones, and ultimately define Zero Emission Zones hyperlocally, with a Real Life & Real Time Mapping of Urban Air Pollution.

Pioneer and world leader of pollution tracking on a mobile basis, with millions of measurements taken every day at breathing level with professional fleets across most European capitals, including Paris, Madrid, Lisbon, Geneva, London, Brussels, Dublin, Berlin, Budapest, Bratislava, Prague, Warsaw, Vilnius, Riga, Tallin…
And ready to expand worldwide.

Improve your air quality now!

Deployed in
over 30 Major Cities in the World!

Start your projects now.

An innovative solution to make your city clean'air...
and yourself healthy'air !

Unchallenged World Leader in mobile air quality monitoring.



Unique Architecture:
continuous quality control between Mobile Sensors and Fixed Stations
  • Fine particles PM2.5 are the most dangerous of all common airborne pollutants.
  • 95% of the world's population live in areas exceeding WHO Guideline for healthy air.
  • Nearly 60% of citizens breath air that do not meet WHO recommandations.
  • GreenPartner vehicles equipped with Pollutrack PM2.5 Mobile Sensor
  • Interactive Mesh: Fixed Stations PM2.5 for continuous quality control, sensitive spots (schools, nurseries...) and grey areas (pedestrian zones, river banks...)
  • Official Reference Fixed Station
  • All data collected via GSM or IP
  • All data centralized on Pollutrack's servers

A cleary distruptive
high-tech company

Pollutrack is the pioneer and world leader in mobile urban pollution monitoring.

  • millions of measures taken every day,
  • measures taken at breathing level,
  • professional fleets of electric vehicles...

Our GreenPartners

Without our partners we would not be able to deliver the services we offer.