Videos related to Pollutrack and fine particles PM2.5

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Vert de Rage - Pollutrack Focus
7 April 2024 - France 5

Focus Pollutrack in the show Vert De Rage (Martin Boudot and Mathilde Cusin and her team), broadcast on France 5, presents a study on air pollution with fine particles in the Paris metro.

Respire - Air pollution also exists in the metro
2 March 2024 - Respire/Loopsider

Documentary by the Respire association on air pollution in the Paris metro. Source video

Paris metropolitan, the invisible overpollution
26 January 2024 - France 24

Built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, the Paris metro is one of the symbols of the French capital. Every day, more than four million passengers rush there, and yet few know that it is the place where we breathe the most toxic air in Paris.
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Bonsoir l'Ile de France, with Jean-Baptiste Renard
10 October 2023 - BFM Paris

Professor Jean-Baptiste Renard, research director at the CNRS in Orléans, presents a study on fine particle air pollution in Paris using the Pollutrack mobile network.
Launch of a map updated every day allowing you to know the degree of air pollution in Paris. A breakthrough made possible thanks to Pollutrack mobile fine particle sensors.
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Vert de Rage - Metro, alert on air
2 October 2023 - France 5

Vert de Rage documentary (Martin Boudot and Mathilde Cusin and his team), broadcasted on France 5, presents a study on fine particles air pollution in Paris in the metro.

Breathe Pollutrack Project by DPD
5 May 2021 - DPD UK
Paris reveals its degree of pollution in real time
18 September 2019 - Actu-Environnement

The city of Paris is launching a map updated every hour allowing you to know the degree of pollution in the air. A breakthrough made possible thanks to Pollutrack mobile fine particles sensors.

Air quality in Paris - a survey pinpoints metro entrances
17 September 2019 - Europe 1

The implementation of a new pollution measurement system in the capital has made it possible to locate, with unprecedented precision, new sources of fine particles pollution in Paris.

Tracking pollution at breathing level
12 November 2018 - AtmoSud

Eric Poincelet, President of Pollutrack.
Interview conducted during AIR24, at thecamp, by the editorial team of Sans Transition!

AIR24 - POINCELET Eric, President of Pollutrack
20 September 2018 - AtmoSud

World cities, new players in air quality: European capitals must move much faster... and together!
AIR24 Conference filmed by thecamp for AtmoSud.

In Lille, sensors on vehicles to detect pollution
10 July 2018 - BFM Grand Lille

Periods of pollution are becoming more and more frequent in Lille and the surrounding area. To improve the quality of analyzes on its territory, the European metropolis of Lille has just signed a partnership with ENEDIS. The objective: to equip its vehicles with sensors. Thanks to them, around a hundred vehicles will be able to identify, by 2019, the sources of pollution throughout the metropolis.
Named “Pollutrack”, this operation should make it possible to combine data from fixed air monitoring stations such as Atmo by crisscrossing neighborhoods, street by street, in order to precisely isolate sensitive areas. For the moment, ENEDIS has already equipped 57 of its electric vehicles.

Anne Hidalgo & Schwarzenegger Enedis, Pollutrack
11 December 2017 - Jean-Luc Coupez

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, welcomed Arnold Schwarzenegger at City Hall around 2:15 p.m. on Friday. The former actor and governor of California chairs “Regions of Climate Action”. He came to sign an agreement to fight against climate change. Arnold Schwarzenegger joins forces with Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo to defend the climate. The former actor and governor of California founded “Regions of Climate Action” which brings together twenty regions of the world. It is as president of this network that he is in Paris. He signed an agreement with Anne Hidalgo who for her part chairs the C40, a network which brings together the main metropolises of the planet.

Air pollution - Paris, Enedis and Airparif launch a new system
6 June 2017 - France 3

As part of its policy to combat air pollution, Paris City Hall has launched a new system called "Pollutrack". This device makes it possible to measure the degree of pollution that Parisians breathe on a daily basis.

Pollutrack, a new device to measure pollution street by street
24 May 2017 - RTL

Tested in Paris, the sensor system installed on 300 cars should make it possible to obtain more precision on the data concerning pollution. Tested in Paris, the sensor system installed on 300 cars should make it possible to obtain more precision on the data regarding pollution.

Pollutrack, the mobile air quality measurement network
24 May 2017 - Ville de Paris

300 electric cars from Enedis, the electricity distribution network manager (formerly EDF), will soon be equipped with fine particle sensors. The data will contribute to detailed and dynamic mapping of urban pollution.

Air quality in Paris - Enedis takes action !
22 May 2017 - Enedis

In association with Airparif, Enedis launched Pollutrack on May 22, 2017, a device for measuring air pollution using sensors that will be fitted to the fleet of Enedis vehicles. On the way to the low-carbon city in Paris !